Steam validating game files stuck at 100

The game will likely sell millions of copies anyway, but it's really amazing to see how badly the company treats its PC gamer fans.

Unlike most Windows applications, Steam can be easily moved between hard drives without redownloading or reinstalling anything.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t a couple of free gems... If you’re migrating your Steam files to a new computer, copy the Steam folder to an external hard drive (or transfer it over the network), then place it anywhere you like on your new hard drive.

Once you’ve moved the Steam folder, launch Steam by double-clicking the file and log into your account.

These issues may happen periodically and should be resolved within a few minutes.

Cannot Login / Stuck at Load Screen / New Character Missing The login servers are currently experiencing higher than average load, which can cause recently created characters to not appear, loading screens to appear stuck, and long login times.

The service we use for these transactions can sometimes take a few seconds to update the balance and report it to our servers.

On rare occasions this can take as long as 10 minutes, but this is very rare.

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Launch Pad: Error 4-404This error on the Launch Pad indicates that the login servers are currently experiencing issues.If ever you have any concerns about Galaxy Cash payments or transactions you have made, please contact Freejam directly and we will respond quickly (within 24 hours at the longest) via this Contact you are 100% sure that your firewall/antivirus/router/proxy/vpn is not blocking the game ports, then you are one of the 5% of users that unluckily would not be able to play the game for the time being.The reason is that we use a 3rd party service for our cloud technology (which is owned by Yahoo! This usually means that your DNS cannot solve the address api.Robocraft uses a very reliable and secure 3rd party service (owned by Yahoo! It is not possible for your money to be taken without your balance of Galaxy Cash being added.We have secure and complete logs of all transactions and can verify the state of transactions at all stages so you can be assured, if you pay money to support Robocraft by buying Galaxy Cash, you will get your Galaxy Cash.