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Figure 1: Schematic geologic map of west-central New Hampshire, showing approximate locations of field trip stops An important part of understanding the geology in any region is the ability to recognize the relative sequence in which the rock units were deposited or intruded, from principles of super-position and cross-cutting relationships, but also from fossil assemblages and radiometric dates.

On the basis of fossils discovered in the Littleton area, Billings and others (1934, 1935, 1937) were able to define a stratigraphic sequence for the metavolcanic and metasedimentary rocks of the BHA (Figure 2).

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The postcard-pretty town of New London serves as the market town for the Mount Sunapee / Mt. Featuring a variety of fine lodging and dining options, there is an excellent mix of shops, services and entertainment as well.

The first-time visitor might do well to stroll or drive through the town's pleasant Main Street, lined with charming shops, casual eateries, farm stand, attractive homes and interesting historic buildings.