Siddharth malhotra dating

16 January 1985 born Sidharth Malhotra started the career as a model at an early age of 18 bu he wanted to become an actor while he assisted Karan Johar along with Varun Dhawan in My Name Is Khan (2010) and later Karan Johar launched them in 2012.

The two met on the sets of their debut movie Student Of The Year, while she was paired with Varun, not once did the media link her with the actual culprit, Sidharth.What we liked though is the chivalry that Sidharth displayed while helping Izabelle to get inside his car before speeding away.Hmm…Wonder what’s really brewing between Sidharth and Izabelle?As per the sources, “Student of The Year” co-stars Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra have been secretly dating, They always tried to hide it. There is no confirmation but the couple was accused to have spent the new year’s eve together in New York City.Crrently, Alia and Sidharth were spotted coming out of the Mumbai airport together.