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Kevin Smith is an inspiration for any aspiring filmmaker. What's the dumbest question you've ever been asked?

The New Jersey-born director/writer/actor has made six movies in less than a decade, starting with the seminal low-budget indie Clerks. Um, oh my goodness, I'm trying to think of the one that I use the most. Oh, the dumbest I've ever been asked was - and still stands, as, "Why would you cast Ben and Jen in a movie after Gigli?

The critically acclaimed 1994 film starred Linda Fiorentino as a hard-bitten New Yorker who flees to a small town after stealing her drug-dealing husband's money.

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And most of all Fiorentino smokes up the screen whenever she's on it. She's amazing when given a good script like the Last Seduction, but even with a flawed effort such as Jade, she still sets the house on fire.I'm not really a strong visual stylist and that's kind of called for in the job description, because it is all about putting visuals together, and I'm not really I interested in that. And I'm a huge John Goodman fan, so that's saying a lot. The most famous person would have to be either [Ben] Affleck, or Jennifer Lopez at this point, right? I always said "sure", because why would I want to make anybody sit in Pittsburgh if they've got something else to do? Only inasmuch as it's great to watch the movie with an audience. The cards muck up the process, and when they start breaking it down into percentages and whatnot, that's when the movie starts to suffer. You're just a filmmaker who hasn't made a film yet." At first I thought, "What the **** is she talking about? Suddenly, from that point onwards, I was like, "I am a filmmaker.I'm more interested in character, story, and dialogue, so to that degree I could have done radio shows, but radio is not nearly as popular in my country as it is here. I mean, it's kind of a monotonous process, although I would have liked to have seen Stanley Kubrick make a movie - just because Stanley Kubrick was such a weird guy, and very private. Because they became known throughout the galaxy because of that ******* relationship of theirs, haven't they? And which filmmaker do you consider the most overrated? Linda, on the other hand, had to work every day on the movie because she was in every scene, so she really never got to leave and she got irritated when cast members would go elsewhere. I don't believe in the process of filling out the cards and doing the focus group where they ask the very pointed questions about "what did you like? What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? I just happen not to have made a film yet." And the worst?Pat Gullufsen, prosecuting, said: "The seed is planted.There is someone she admires, wants to be like and the wheels start turning — she can apply that plan to her circumstances."Linehan, whose lawyers say Carlin acted alone, wants the ending of the film to match the ending of her trial, too, Mr Gullufsen added."The ending, in her plan, is the boyfriend is the one convicted and she walks free," he said.