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Halloween in Athens Ohio is an annual Block Party in Uptown Athens, Ohio.

Although called a Block Party the festivities span several blocks and revelers can be found at house parties around the city.

My pottery birthday party events are fun for all ages. Not only will everyone have a blast but they will also find it educational.

The party can be designed with a wide range of ideas. I will bring everything that is needed and clean up at the end. Any surface that the clay touches will be covered in canvas.

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The city of Athens has traditionally charged for parking at the Fairgrounds as a way to offset the costs of additional police and emergency response teams.

Ohio University provides alternative activities for students that don’t want to deal with the crowds uptown. In 1977 The Athens City Council passed a resolution closing Court Street to traffic and allowing an official Halloween celebration. Because of the high arrest numbers in 1978, the City of Athens and Ohio University dropped their sponsorship of the festivities in 1979. 141 people were arrested on Halloween weekend in 1979. Seventy eight arrests were made by the Athens Police Department between P.

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors wear black and white attire while our Seniors wear only bright colors.

Senior Phi Mus wait three years to wear a color on Black and White, and it's a memorable event to show our love for the Senior class. A sister's big or little will set her up with a "blind" date by giving her his tie to wear with her dress.