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[Read: How to pick a restaurant for a date] He’d love the way I smell when he kisses my palm and brushes his cheek against my neck, wouldn’t he? Getting ready to being stood up on the date I called a cab.I was wearing a hot low cut dress with a perfect slit to accentuate my well-toned legs.

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Well, here’s my ‘he stood me up’ story that you could probably learn from. I decided on the length of my skirt a week ahead, and got my hair done so I could look my best on that special date [Read: What to wear on a date].At least once a month, a client tells me that he or she was stood up.Not cancelled on at the last minute (this is more like an everyday occurrence), but actually stood up.Its a total lack of class in my opinion when someone stands someone up simply because they don't think it's worth it.The only time I have ever been stood up or have stood some one else, up was when the plans to date were made while under the infuence of alcohol. You're at a party or a bar; you're a little tipsy, you meet some fine stranger, you chat them up, make plans to go out on a date... Then the next morning you wake up sober and think to yourself; Nah, I aint go'n there.