Bad speed dating experiences

If you’ve had any good (or bad) speed dating experiences I’d love to hear them. It has helped me open them up and talk to them with no problem. most of the time the girls im attracted to are with a group of friends just talking and having a good time.. I like also like this part, meeting people and before each date starts, you can write notes about who you met!

I spent much less time ‘getting to know them’ first because I knew it would lead to disappointment. This definitely helped deal with setting the bar too high and avoid disappointment. I spent so little time screening the women and weeding out the lower quality ones I ended up meeting some right crazy insecure b****es. if I spent too long getting to know them first I am going to be disappointed but if I meet them too quickly I will meet some right nutters.

I’m not sure exactly how many dates I had gotten from the internet but it was a LOT.

another mid-level munter“ I thought to myself as I met up with another girl I met from the internet.

You’ll actually sound like a man who actually knows how to talk with women. :) I think your idea on this "speed dating" is good but not great.

Honestly, if you haven’t tried speed dating yet you need to get out there and give it a go! I know one of your methods on approaching women is by using the art of Observation. I looked it up in my area and found it's more than 2 minutes, more like 5-7 minutes depending upon the crowd.