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Glenn Close fibbing to the press that box office grosses dropped enormously when she went on a 2 week vacation during her run in SUNSET BLVD. but i remember reading somewhere that in the original broadway cast of MISS SAIGON when Gigi is named the winner of the contest that one of the girls didn't like the actress playing gigi... well apparently they decided to keep that as part of the staging of the show... ) on Michael Bennett's coked-out shenanigans alone!

Producers refusing to close the revival of ONCE UPON A MATTRESS simply because they refused to pay Sarah Jessica Parker since she was on a 'pay-or-play' contract. His "advice" to Liza and Kander & Ebb to do THE ACT's nonmusical scenes as an old lady with a cane and a grey wig...

I also liked all my stars who were there supporting each other. seeing the casts of Rent Old and New there to see the show’s final TONY appearance (until maybe a revival *that kinda scares me*). While Xanadu walked away empty handed, I must say that I knew it was going to happen, even though I cheered for them. ~~~~~ We are still searching for the next Elle Woods. The one EVERYONE and I mean that EVERYONE wanted to go home tonight (Cassie S.) Is still there. I know that Bernie Tesley has everything under control, but you have to ask yourself; “What are the judges looking for? The Paul Canaan quote of the night is “That’s a HIT!The new songs aren't all that great, but Kelly's voice and acting make each song work perfectly.There is not a moment you aren't rooting for her, I particularly loved her scene with Mrs. I don't think of him as having much star quality, but I think that worked fine for the role.It might sound bad, but I like to emotion it creates. The way she played Elle was beautiful and inspiring. In person, Laura is very much real and down to earth. She loved the character of Elle and getting to create it.It shows the passion and love the cast member has for their job. She told us about the cast and how much fun they have.