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There are risks with undergoing treatment, however, including infections and death.

But those risks also exist without treatment: If a patient in his 70s declines treatment, life expectancy is three to four months, with a risk of infections and other complications. My job is to get my children to adulthood, so I would say yes, yes, yes.

If you’re an older adult and your doctor tells you that you have leukemia, you may think the only thing you can do is to get your affairs in order.

Older adults diagnosed with leukemia should partner with oncologists who focus on the disease.“In Rooms you can be ‘Wonder Woman’–or whatever name makes you feel most comfortable and proud,” writes the Rooms development team in their inaugural blog post.That anonymity–something Facebook has generally avoided–is part of the appeal, experts say.In an environment where many social networks now encourage or mandate real names, the freedom to use a moniker is refreshing, according to Chris Hajek, a professor of communication at the University of Texas at San Antonio.“[They] fulfill a need other sites or other forms of communication don’t,” he says.It’s a premise Ekho Powell, a 33-year-old public relations professional in Florida, agrees with.